About Us

Gamingerra is a website related to technology buying guide and also latest information about these technologies. Chris Slambery an international expert who is blogging on technology, gaming and gadget industry based on the knowledge he acquired from his respective fields.
The company has been providing informative articles for the audience since many years now by sharing reviews, insights, opinions, tips and tricks which help them in making a good decision before buying any new device or upgrading their existing one.
We offer unbiased views about various products so that you can take your time to make up your mind regarding what product would be better suited for you as per your needs and budget. We are a tech company that is focused on the latest technology. Our goal is to help our users to make informed decisions by providing them with detailed information about the product they’re interested in.
We keep you up-to-date on the newest technology as well as our personal favorites in gaming tech so that you’re always aware of what’s out there.

The blog’s mission statement is:

To provide our readers with the best possible buying guides